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The Quail Hollow Club is a golf course and country club, located in the Quail Hollow neighborhood in Charlotte, N.C. The club is private, and it was founded by James Harris in April, 1959.

The Quail Hollow club, has hosted several tournaments in the past. Most notably the Kemper Open and the Painwebber invitational. Quail Hollow Club hosts the PGA TOUR in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The course was originally designed by acclaimed golf course designer George Cobb. He has built more than a hundred courses as well as renovated them.

In the subsequent years after building the course; the course underwent a series of renovations, in other words the course had several holes modified over the past few year by one Arnold Palmer, yes, the Arnold Palmer did you know that he was considered as one of the greatest golf players in men’s golf history. The course’s signature hole is the 18th it’s called the “quail hollow” this one is the hardest of them all. The course is 7,114 yards long from with a 72 par. Tom Delozier runs the course.


The course was designed and built to capture the essence and fragile beauty of nature, however this course is considered to be one of the hardest of the national courses around this is mostly due to its complex terrain and layout, even Phil Mickelson complained over how hard the course was; he stated during the tour that even though it’s courses are beautifully designed, the greens are by far the worst.

Quail Hollow in the near future will eventually merge with Pinehurst Resort and Country club.

Quail Hollow features several holes; but that 7th hole is a real doozy since it includes a pond and a rock wall. Water is always a factor throughout the course, a lot of creeks run through it, ponds as well as lovely waterfalls. This course also has a lot of bunkers which add to the already difficult course and a tree lined fairway.


Quail Hollow was built on 257 acres of land that was used primarily for dairy farming. The original idea was a men’s only golf club with only a couple hundred members.

When the club was created around forty years ago, it drew the attention of several important players and now you can see it has an impressive roster of people who are active members of the club; a long list of CEO’s and executives from the largest corporations in the area. People like John Belk, Stuart Dickson and Hugh McColl and many others and you can find that all their names are engraved on nameplates in the men’s restrooms. Quail Hollow has only one rule though “Slow players will not keep other groups from playing, the faster players can go right past them”.



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