Advertising Campaign Specs

advertisement Specifications

When it comes to print advertising, some people believe that they are a dying art. We’re here to tell you no print advertising is still as powerful as it used to be twenty years ago, and if it’s done right, a well-placed ad can do all the difference and can create the impact that your business needs. Of course there are other advertising mediums, especially now with the advent of the internet, but print ads can still get the message across whether we’re talking about reaching a much broader audience or in some cases an ad can only target a specific clientele.

Club Links Magazine gives you the headroom you need to advertise as many times as you want and it also gives you the added bonus that you can publish your own customized layouts, as well as simple ads. Club Links Magazine gives you the choice of showing of whatever you want whether you want your ad to include the brand, your products and/or services that you’re offering and all of we’ll displayed in an elegant and glossy format. Giving your product or service a more refined feel and by doing that at the same time we’re giving your company even greater credibility in consumer’s eyes.

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